Inspirational Humor

This classic Bob Newhart Skit is a great example of inspirational humor. I saw this video clip in a large motivational meeting. For a healthy individual Bobs two word mantra can make a great life changing philosophy, but don't watch it and try to find inspiration from this clip while you are clinically depressed. It could make you feel worse. More inspirational humor on youtube.

This is one of my favorite commercial videos and another fine example of good positive inspirational humor. The mouse did not get harmed. I would title the video clip "Never never never give up !" But that was not its original message. Watch the mouse trap video here. More on youtube.

I have put Christy Murphy's song and video production into the inspiring humor category as well. I have a single daughter heading for 30 and I just love it when young people keep a good attitude and great sense of humor to make the best of their current situation in life.

Mark Gungor gets me to burst into laughter with his inspirational humor. He is a well loved inspirational / motivational speaker and famous for his hilarious classic "Mens Brains Womens Brains" from his Lecture series "Laugh your way to a better marriage". Just the title alone got my attention. That's the sort of marriage seminar that does sound fun and not threatening. And it can heal a little pain as well. For more laughs please click to watch the inspiring humor video clips on youtube.

Jeff Dunham hits a little under the belt here, and he swears, but he does make me laugh. Funny thing is that I am in my sixties and my name is Walter. So I identify a little with this character minus the swearing. And I laugh cause I like to grow better not bitter.

Here is another sample that fits my sense of inspiring humor. I am German and I love Johann Pachelbel's Canon. I have made an inspirational music video with his composition Inspiration as in relax, meditate and enjoy life. But when I came along Rob Paravonian's Pachelbel rant I laughed so much while listening to this ever inspiring music that I included it in my catchyadreams collection of inspirational video clips.